Thai Charity

Opportunity for you to buy great products for charity fundraising

This project began in a village near Chaing Rai in Northern Thailand in 2002 where there is no public education and health system, as an initiative of the Catholic Commission in Bangkok, to provide education and medical supplies to disadvantaged children. The women of the Yoa Tribe village began using their traditional skills to make new products to sell locally and internationally, to provide better opportunities for their own children.

My own involvement began while I was working in Thailand as curriculum advisor at Mater Dei School in 2002 in a short-term posting, aftger which I brought a sample range back to New Zealand to sell to friends, family and associates. Over the course of the past decade, the outreach of the project has extended into other areas, including the development of an education unit for children with disabilities. The achievements that we have shared in through the course of our support has been both humbling and inspiring.

The needs of children and families in Thailand for assistance with education and medical assistance continues.

All proceeds from of the sale of these products are returned to the Catholic Commission Project Administrator in Thailand who reports regularly with letters, photographs and emails of the current work that is taking place.